L.N. Gross Building


Yesterday’s Buildings. Tomorrow’s Businesses.

Renaissance 2000 gives new life to old spaces, creating an entirely new business model that melds architecture and entrepreneurship.

We love projects that inspire us…like turning an old steel mill slag heap into major league-quality baseball fields…creating a beautiful parish community center where people gather to celebrate life’s greatest moments…and even building a 4-room, 2-story treehouse on a private residence that is both an architectural triumph and a tribute to the enchantment of childhood.

Every project gives Renaissance 2000 the creative opportunity to preserve the integrity of the past while serving the needs of the future.

LN Gross Building, Kent Ohio
LN Gross Interior

L.N. Gross Building

Built in 1928 as an address manufacturer, it was later an A&P grocery store and several manufacturing firms. Restored in 1994, it was a car renovation business for more than 20 years before closing. Renaissance 2000 bought the building in 2015 – securing historic designation, completely renovating and updating the building to be the home of On Us, LLC their own bottled water company.

Kent, Ohio