L.N. Gross Building


Project Overview

In 2015, Renaissance 2000 acquired the beautiful 1928 art deco L.N. Gross Building in Kent, Ohio. The building was named to the National Register of Historic Places in 2016 and is being renovated into commercial property. One of its residents will be another Cene family startup enterprise, On Us Aqua LLC.

Take a look at our progress!

Restoration of the L.N. Gross Building is moving forward smoothly – see for yourself! Watch our video to see the project’s starting point and how far we’ve come.


We discovered that the water in Kent, Ohio was highly praised year after year as the “Best Tasting Municipality Water” at the long-running Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. So we will produce a bottled water brand called On Us that emphasizes recycling.

“On Us stands for responsibility. People obviously drink water for the health benefits. They are taking responsibility for their body. The other half of that is the responsibility for the environment.”

-Ryan Cene, CEO of On Us, LLC